Outdoor Entertainment: Pastimes to Keep Your Guests Entertained

As you become older, it becomes harder to find entertaining ways to enjoy a birthday party. Generally, the focus during an adult birthday party would be having a drink with friends with some music then calling it a night. However, if you would like to make it memorable, consider taking this party out of town where you can enjoy the outdoors while still having some bonding time with your mates. To ensure you do not get bored, opt for a weekend away and enlist party hire services that can come up with an itinerary of activities that would keep you and your friends occupied while providing you with party supplies. Below is some outdoor entertainment you could consider when celebrating an adult birthday party out of town.


This is a popular activity for everyone whether male or female. There are plenty of places to go paintballing if you are looking for all over Australia. The only thing to ensure is that the party hire company is informed in good time about your interest in this activity so that the paintballing venue is booked in advance. This will ensure that the venue can accommodate your entire party at once without people having to take turns when playing.

White water rafting

This is an especially great option for the adrenaline junkies. If the birthday man or woman likes activities that will get their heart racing, then this is one of the games that you would have to take part in. It should be noted though that white water rafting can only be done in select locations. Therefore, it would be prudent to ensure you plan your travel arrangements based on where you can go white water rafting. Rather than getting to the venue then deciding to look for a suitable location.

Quad biking

If you would like to explore the rambling landscapes of Australia as well as the stunning scenery, this would be a great option. Birthday party pastimes are supposed to offer the entire party a chance to have fun while spending quality time together. With quad biking, you could pack several frost cold lagers and take them with you to a serene location where you get to ride your bikes as well as just relax and enjoy the skittish atmosphere. The great thing about quad biking is if there are people who may not know how to drive the ATVs, they can always hitch a ride with more experienced drivers. This makes it a past time that will be inclusive to everyone.