Quick Tips for Making an Office Party More Enjoyable for Your Staff

When planning an office party, you want to create an event where your staff can relax while they mingle and get to know their co-workers. This may seem a bit difficult, but it can be done without getting overwhelmed or going over your budget. Note a few simple tips for making your next office party more enjoyable for you, and for everyone on your staff.

Be careful about rules and themes

Your party may have a certain start and end time, and you might close the bar at a certain time so guests have a chance to sober up before driving home, but you want to be careful about adding extra rules and instructions for your staff. For example, a Christmas party at a formal restaurant might require that everyone dress in cocktail attire, but avoid creating a colour theme for everyone's outfits, such as black and white, red and green, the company's colours, and the like.

It's also good to  be careful about directing everyone to the dance floor, or trying to plan certain dances, games, and other such activities, as some people may be self-conscious about dancing or participating in games. Keep the plans relaxed; remember that a party is not the same as being at the office, so don't assume you should create a dress code, itinerary, and excessive rules or guidelines.

It doesn't need to be completely corporate-related

While an office party might feature some simple touches that are related to your corporate identity, such as a cake iced in company colours or napkins imprinted with the company slogan, you want to be careful about overdoing it. For example, if you hand out gifts, avoid items stamped with the company name, and opt for neutral items that your staff will appreciate. Keep speeches from officers to a bare minimum, so workers don't feel as if they're in a meeting and not at a party!

Make it comfortable

If you're having the party in the office, outside on the grounds, or anyplace other than an actual party venue, be sure to bring in everything needed to make it comfortable. An overhead corporate marquee is good for outdoor parties, to protect attendees from the elements. Get extra chairs even for an indoor event at the office, as office chairs might not be comfortable for an actual party. Provide tables for dining rather than assuming everyone will eat at their desks, and create a comfortable atmosphere that gives your staff a break from the office environment.